She Is Graduated; We Are Married

This was the mood on Saturday.

This was the band. That's Jim making a jazz face in the orange shirt.

This was the food.


There is more, much more. Sixty-five people swooped over to our house and made the day special. I have pictures galore of all the laughing and hugging and dancing -- and singing! -- and eating, and will post them to a Picasa web album soon, and I'll post the link here.

But I am expected at school in an hour, so I must go -- Cooper Elementary School today, in Loganville, Georgia, back to work I go, fourth and fifth graders will be my audience.

We still have a house full of Maryland friends, we are still partying, albeit on a much smaller scale. Still eating the good food Jason prepared, still munching on all the treats that friend Cindy sent from Maryland, still savoring and swapping stories from the day.

Just wanted to check in and say it was wonderful -- thank you so much for coming.

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