nobody i know

It has become a tradition on this blog: every year a song. This is year five. Five. Such a special age. Our marriage is five years old today. I'm fervently splashing around in 1964 these days, so here is a song Sunny loves. I love it, too. And you, my sweet. Happy Anniversary. Love the dancing that begins at 1:06. Let's do that today, too. (details in the comments)

grandgirl summer

Grandgirl Summer. Sounds like the name of a book, doesn't it? Maybe there will be a book with that title one day. (Maybe there already is.)

Right now, in the midst of our grandgirl summer, I am collecting stories. Each picture below is a story in and of itself. Each picture is also a chapter in a larger story as well... the story of our family.

Some chapters reveal character. Some hold secrets; some, surprises. Some ask questions. Some answer them. Some advance the plot. Some chapters are hidden. Some aren't written yet. Some have long histories; some are barely begun. Some chapters are bright, some are dark, and here is the one thing I know to my soul: All are precious, every one.