nobody i know

It has become a tradition on this blog: every year a song. This is year five. Five. Such a special age. Our marriage is five years old today. I'm fervently splashing around in 1964 these days, so here is a song Sunny loves. I love it, too. And you, my sweet. Happy Anniversary. Love the dancing that begins at 1:06. Let's do that today, too. (details in the comments)


  1. I know the picture quality is fuzzy, but the sound is what I'm after, and I love looking at the clothes and the hair -- in Sweden in 1964, no less. The music can't be live -- it's an exact copy of the record, and there is no drummer, etc.

    I've pinned this recording to a Pinterest board of the playlist for book two of the sixties trilogy. You can find it here:

    1. Happy Anniversary, you perfect pair! And happy belated birthday, dear Deborah. Thanks for sharing your life and your loves.
      Your forever fan,
      Tana (still) in Tucson

  2. Yo, Tana Rainbow. When do we get to actually TALK to each other again?? xo


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