Decatur Book Festival Time!

Come see me! It's free! It's on the Square in downtown Decatur, Georgia -- just outside the city of Atlanta. It's year three of the fabulous Decatur Book Festival. I'll be part of the SIBA Book Award panel at 5:30 on Saturday, and I'll be presenting on the children's stage on Sunday at 4pm.

Here's the entire weekend schedule. Look at all that talent!

Kerry Madden
and I have books that are SIBA Book Award nominees, which gives us an excuse to hang out together. Elizabeth Dulemba and I don't need an excuse (well, neither do Kerry and I, but she lives in L.A. and Elizabeth is just next door). I'm going to spend today and tomorrow in the Sixties, then I'll make my way to Agnes Scott College on Friday night, where I'll meet up with friends and hear Billy Collins kick off the Festival.

And all weekend, there are a host of writers for children, for adults, writers of cookbooks, writers of science fiction and fantasy, poets, non-fiction writers, novelists... writers. And illustrators. And musicians. More than 300 in all. It's a star-studded event that fills downtown Decatur with words and music and food and festival goers.

Wanda Jewell, inimitable force of nature and executive director of SIBA, has declared the SIBA Book Award panel on Saturday night to be a Twitter Event. Huh? I had never heard of Twitter. Now I am ON Twitter. Come "follow" me -- my handle is deborahwiles.

For the SIBA panel, I needed to come up with 140-characters-or-less (characters, not words) answers to hard questions, and no more than 140 characters for an introduction. Here is the introduction of myself that I wrote for Wanda:

Deborah Wiles:

Grew up summers in Mississippi, with wacky relatives. Writes about them in her novels. National Book Award finalist. Lives in Atlanta. Married Rhett Butler.

How'd I do?

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