What I'm Loving Right Now

I've framed this photo, taken in Mobile, Alabama, where I was born and lived the first five years of my life. I did not like this guy for the longest time.

Elvis-Andy-Bebop is in the house. He is five months old now, and has grown almost fully into his standard poodle size and is the happiest being I know -- happy-happy-happy! Let me eat your ears! Let me chew your cell phone! O, wow, glasses! A watch! Oh-Oh-Oh, Jim will roll around on the floor with me! In his gig suit! Hey, buttons! What do you mean, bedtime?

We've been on a new-cookie hunt this season. This is my favorite new recipe, from Smitten Kitchen. Chocolate brownie roll-out cookies -- to die for.

We've had several gatherings at our house this season -- I love the family we have created here in Atlanta. Here are some of the people who gathered at our house to make the cookies and play the music, tell the stories, and celebrate with us -- family, community, kinship, connection... it's what I write about as well.

In the midst of the holiday hoopla, THIS BOOK arrived in the mail this week. It's the Japanese edition of EACH LITTLE BIRD THAT SINGS. Don't you adore Declaration's poofy dress? I love this cover, and I have a story to tell you about the translator of this book, and how we got to know one another, and about the sometimes-hilarious questions I fielded in helping her make a quirky, American southern novel into a resonant story for Japanese readers. Stay tuned.

Get ready to fall in love... here is a clementine candle.... made by moi. Took me five minutes. It burned for three hours. It smells luscious, and makes me happy, and you can make one or a billion, too. Here are the directions, at Apartment Therapy. Hannah found this and forwarded it to me on email with the subject line: "Clearly, we need to do this." We did.

I used canola oil instead of my expensive olive oil, and substituted a tangerine I had on hand. I plan to use these as luminaries on my Christmas dinner table.

I'm loving my novel right now, too. Mornings are the best time to get up early, in the dark, before the house stirs, and sit with this story. That's what I'm doing. Inch by inch, row by row, just like my shawl... I'm making this story grow.

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  1. Hi,
    I thought I would drop by and say hi and a Merry Christmas!
    I love that Each Little Bird That Sing was translated into Japanese. How exciting! I'll have to check back for the translation stories.
    Jess Weleski


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