The Necessity of One-Tasking

Y'all. I'm tired. You? Several threads in my life have rolled themselves together into a big ball of weariness.

The threads: Finishing the novel, reading 281 books (and judging them), the paperback publication of ALL-STARS and planning the shoestring tour, the bathroom renovation, and then there's the stuff of regular living... whew.

Yesterday I had lunch with writer friend Elizabeth Dulemba, and thought my eyes would close before I pulled my weary self to my feet to go home. E is good company -- it wasn't that. I'm just... tired. E told me to go home and crawl beneath the covers. "There are workers in my house, five of 'em!" I could see myself reflected in E's eyes, though -- I must look like utter h*ll. Hahaha. I think I do.

Time for a break. I've been pushing hard for months, and I need a little time to breathe. Shoestring tour plans are in place for D.C. in April. The rest of the tour will take place at the end of April, so I have time to plan (we had originally thought the first of March, but this is too much, too much, so we've rescheduled, happily).

I need to stop multi-tasking for a little while -- is that possible? I don't mean the multi-tasking that comes from stopping the flow of blood after a catastrophe -- I've been there, and I know what that's like. There's plenty of accompanying adrenalin, too, in those times, to help keep those plates on sticks, spinning, spinning. It's not that.

Life is good. Love is good. The novel is good, too. But I've been doing so much, I seem to have lost my perspective or sense of humor or... something. Do you know what I mean? I think, too, that I've lost the ability to multi-task! Or maybe my wee mind is just over-full and screaming STOP!

I need to one-task for a little while, and take good care of myself. Remember my social networking post? I'm exhausted with the effort! Maybe I'm just not meant to be a social network butterfly. That's okay, right?

I'm a very private person pushing the envelope of a very public life. The effort takes everything out of me. So. I'll back up and recover for a bit. Then I'll be ready to go again.

Of course, life goes on. There is still a to-do list the length of my arm, and I'll still do it. But I'll also figure out how to slow down, be quiet, and get away from the computer a bit.

I know you're busy, too. Give me a week or so and I'll be back up again. I'm going to quit reading the news, too. Sheesh. The world. The economy. The complicated way we live now. Simplify, simplify, Debbie. yes... that's it. Simplify. I shall return.

I leave you with a photo of my bathroom in progress. Whose crazy idea was it to remodel the bathroom while finishing a novel and planning a book tour? I will be so glad when it's done, and when I can sink down into that warm water in that deep bathtub, and chant "simplify, simplify..." ahhhhhh.....

Blathering this morning, as I try to figure out what I'm feeling...