Compromises and Coming Back to Life

Wow, what a lot of mail my post about face time generated! It seems we're all struggling with this, in this electronic age. How much is enough? How much is too much? I appreciate all your thoughts, and I commiserate in the struggle.

After a month away from most electronica -- a month of reconnecting and reflection and looking forward, I have come to a compromise, for now:

1. I've reinstated tweets on my blog, and will continue to use twitter, although I can't follow folks much or I go nuts trying to keep up. I once thrived on multi-tasking, but today it takes too much out of me. Hmph.

2. Same with most blogs and news -- I can't keep up, and when I try, it eats into the day so much I look up hours later realizing the day is gone. So I cut out blog reading this past month and I stopped reading the news -- again. I can't believe (well, I guess I can) how much my life has expanded (which tells me how much it had contracted). I feel lighter and want to keep it that way.

3. I've stopped using facebook for updating and I like this. I've also stopped following friends on facebook -- it's just too hard. But I have linked this blog to facebook, so whenever I post to the blog, it appears on facebook, and that will serve as my update. So, in effect, I don't "go" to facebook at all, unless I have a friend request to attend to.

4. You can reach me via email on facebook, or through my website, or on the blog. My email address is I'm sometimes slow to respond but I do respond. I want to stay connected and I think (for me) email will work best.

5. The website will be overhauled this year. The website will be overhauled this year. The website.... sigh. And when it is easier to navigate, that will help lots with various requests and other mail.

There is more to say, and I feel almost ready to say it! This rest has been good for me. I've been to several schools since I last posted, and will catch up soon with photos and stories -- the posters in this post were made by third-grade students at R.D. Head Elementary School in Lilburn, GA (hey, y'all!).

Then there is the first leg of the Aurora County Shoestring Tour to tell you about, which is just about to start -- in less than a week. Watch This Space. ha.

Thanks for hanging around. I'm so glad you are here.