wheeling out of town

I'm about to get in my snazzy little rental car and drive to Greenville, South Carolina, where I'll be speaking to booksellers at SIBA today at 3pm, about The Aurora County Shoestring Tour. Remember it?

Here are all the posts about the shoestring tour -- it was something I cooked up to do to support my books in this tight economy and see family and friends (many of whom, on this trip, were independent booksellers). I got such great support from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, and the tour was such a success that SIBA -- the southern independent booksellers alliance -- asked me to come talk about how it all came together on the road this past April and May.

So I'm heading to SIBA to see my bookseller friends and some writer friends and some of the end of September. I've stared a lot this month. I've moved slowly. I've read and read -- I've been steeped in sixties research. And I'm ready to write every day in October. (Really? Really.)

Want to write with me? You check in with me, I'll check in with you, and let's see how far we get this coming month. Even if it's fifteen minutes some days, we can do it.

I want to detail how I start a new project, so by the first of October I'll have read all current pages of HANG THE MOON (the working title of the second book in the sixties trilogy, which takes place in 1966). And on October 1, I'll begin writing in earnest.

What writing project do you want to begin in earnest? Now's the time.


  1. It was great to have you at SIBA. Your panel was so well-received and I hope you hooked up with both old and new bookstore friends.

  2. SIBA is "in-country" for me, and a fabulous chance to connect with kin. Thanks for having me. This was a *great* conference.

  3. I'm in with you. I'm taking my writing class and chugging away at writing between reading drafts of all my 4th grader's writing. I enjoy your posts.

  4. S'okay -- let's go, Leslie. I start tomorrow in earnest. Finishing up reading today and making some notes... aieeeeeee --


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