writing is a job

The process of writing books is somewhat akin to a very long police interrogation in which the detective leans over the table littered with the butt ends of cigarettes and cold coffee in Styrofoam cups and says for the 87th time, "Now let's go over this again." -- Ann Patchett

The entire essay (so well worth your time), in my beloved Washington Post, is here.

This is what I'm struggling with right now.

S'okay. All is well. Just hard. Isn't it wonderful, and important, that we have others to inspire us and light the way?


  1. That's an inspiring quote. 87 times, huh?

  2. Well, maybe it's not so inspiring, but they essay, taken as a whole, is wonderfully inspiring... someone else in the same boat who is making it work always inspires me!


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