countdown has a widget!

Ohmy! Countdown has a widget! Here it is:

Now you can read chapter one of Countdown, and you can watch the trailer for the book, courtesy of Scholastic and their web-savvy wizardry. How cool is that? 

I must say, I do not recognize the woman in the interview. She is supposed to be me, but... well... remember that day I told you about with the lights-camera-action? Here is the result. I'm over the moon with what Scholastic masterfully put together from the interview, photographs from Countdown, and old family photographs I sent them -- have a look! But that woman -- who is she? I don't think she's me. Well... okay. She is me. It is I. I am she. I hardly recognize myself.

This is a quick check-in. I have been down with a ferocious head cold since coming home from D.C. Better today. Friday I leave for Knoxville, where I'll work with Chris Raschka, Judy Schachner, Chris Grabenstein, Mike Thaler, and Jack Gantos at the Children's Festival of Reading at World's Fair Park from 10-3. Come see me!

And hey -- Countdown has a widget! Tres cool. I've never had a widget before, so I'll need to do some reading up on care and feeding of widgets.

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