countdown's playlist, part II

Hey, y'all. Back from Charleston, where we celebrated Jim's mother's birthday. I also came home to a host of email saying folks were having trouble commenting on the blog. Thought I had fixed this; evidently not. Now I think it's working again, and you can comment.

I mention this because so many said they wanted to comment on Countdown's playlist, the giveaway that was supposed to end today, June 1. I'll extend it for a month, in fairness.

To win one of two copies of an iTunes iMix (that will be gifted to your iTunes account) of all 46 original songs and snippets of speeches, sayings, and poems that appear in Countdown, all from the early sixties (and a few before)... go here.

I'll leave the comments open until July 1, and I'll try to do better at reminding folks to leave a comment (any comment will do; "yo!" is enough)....

You can find the iMix at the right column of my blog as well, here. There's lots of loveliness there, and a soundtrack to young Franny's life. It's a treasure trove of teachable moments for you, if you are a teacher, or a writer, or a parent... or any kind of reader, really. Resources... that's what this playlist offers. Resources, and lots of rich enhancement for any reader.

At the request of many, I'm working on an "essential tunes" list of the 12 or so tunes most important in Countdown. I'll post the link in a little bit.

So. One more chance to win the entire playlist. Let me hear from you!

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