taking time

Tomorrow I'll tell you where I am with the novel. Yesterday I got away to the North Georgia Mountains, and it was good. A few knick-knacks, some water, some music, an earnest cemetery, peaches and blackberries, but most of all, the funny, comfortable, sweet company of my true love and those soothing, rolling mountains that stand like ancient, silent sentries at the opposite end of the Blue Ridge chain that I left in Maryland six years ago.
I started in this morning with the blackberries. I've got a cobbler in the oven now. I've got umpteen jillion windows open on my laptop. I'm paying bills and answering email and organizing travel and doing research, and writing a speech and refinancing my house, and wishing for more time with the novel, and... well, life is back to the desk.

I live a privileged life. Period. I also live a life packed with deadlines and more deadlines, and administrivia that often chokes me. But you know what? I am glad to have the work and the deadlines and the opportunities. So. Let's take a break. Come have some cobbler with me. Got any vanilla ice cream? Ruby recommends Bluebell.
 See y'all tomorrow --

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