in love

This is Ben. Ben is six. Ben ate lunch with me and 11 other students at Robt. E. Lee Elementary School today. Ben made a bee line for me when he walked into the library carrying his green cafeteria tray on which sat a chicken sandwich, some broccoli, and a carton of chocolate milk. He sat smack dab next to me all during lunch. He was a good conversationalist. He has a dog named Ranger.

Ben wrote me a letter. It's illustrated, in color, and features a tree, a sun, and stick figures of me and Ben standing together. I am the tall one. He is the one with glasses.

Ben's very neatly written letter read, "I want to have lunch whith you becueas I like your books and I like you."
I like Ben. He's going to work for NASA when he grows up. That's what he told me. I believe him.


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