good garden of peas: a writing prompt

{a writing prompt. If you feel so inclined, link to your own good-garden prompt in the comments, so we can all be inspired!}

Boone, N.C.


  1. A chance to do some descriptive writing perhaps? Bring in some majesty or some mystery, perhaps? What's happening out there, down there, in there?

  2. This is gorgeous! I went hiking in the Sandia Mountains yesterday (Albuquerque, NM), and could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera.

  3. Oh, Debbie, what wonderful photos of my old stomping grounds and the home of Tater Hill! This is where I spent all my "growing up" summers.

  4. Caroline, I would have loved a hike in the Sandia Mountains! There is always a next time.

    Hey, Edie -- these are from the Tater Hill area... I was so surprised there is actually a Tater Hill Road! xo


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