preparing for the work ahead

Just home from three days on the road, my last travel of the year. Thanks so much to everyone at Ridgeview School and Rock Springs School in Tennessee. I saw students in grades K through 8, spoke at a family literacy night, and worked a half-day with teachers. Whew. We had fun and did good work together.

Today is for re-entry.

So I'm not going to write every day in December. I might not write any days in December. I know people who write rings around me and accomplish more in a day than I do in a week. But I also know that I will soon be in the pink chair with the laptop for hours upon hours each day... and like a warrior preparing for battle, this is part of how I prepare. And so. Patting myself back together and putting systems in place, here I sit on a cold December day, preparing for the work ahead.

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