1 down, 51 to go

I woke at 4am, wide awake, worried about my IRS appeal. hahahaha. Well, it's true. I've been hit with a penalty for late filing, but I filed an extension before my tax deadline. The IRS evidently didn't receive the extension, and my accountant didn't send the paperwork by return receipt or delivery confirmation. So I called the IRS last month, and we are working it out, and all will be well, but I have this paperwork to do, you see.
 And I didn't do it this week. I wrote, every day, twice a day. Hooray! But I need dedicated time to do paperwork, time when I'm not chomping to get back to the writing (or dreading it, as the case may be and has been some this week).
 So I'm going to shift the schedule some. I'll write on Friday mornings, break for lunch, and dedicate Friday afternoons to administrative tasks and errands that need tending. Then, I'll slip in a block of writing time on Saturday morning (hmmm... maybe) before the day gets away, Sunday off, begin again Monday.
 Week One is almost done. 51 weeks to go, in this year I've bought myself off the road. What did I do with this week? That comes next. I've got to answer the IRS first.
And yeah, there's a reason for the food photos. I'll explain later. It has to do with a story. Actually, a couple of stories that have been brewing for some time. Stick with me...


  1. Wishing you a wonderful year of possibilities, realized with minimal paperwork.


  2. Hey, Melodye. Thanks so much. Same to you. xo Debbie


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