heading away from May

A girl steps away from the world and into her story for a few minutes and what happens? Blogger updates. gaaaaaaaa. Let's see if I can figure it out.

May was a pushing-forward month for writing and traveling. And for reading, which you'll see in the sidebar. I want to talk about what I'm reading, but first I want to say thank you.

Thanks to everyone, especially librarian Cathy Farrell and the 7th-grade team at Potomac School in McLean, Virginia, for a fantastic writing day earlier this month. Potomac is a school full of stellar teachers and exceptional students, and I am always honored to be asked back to work with students on personal narratives. Thank you, thank you. Such an inspiring day.
May was also for visiting Mississippi once again, for research, and for family. Soon I'll post some photos of Sunny's world in Greenwood, Mississippi, the location for book two of the sixties trilogy. I'll give you an update on book two as well.

In Greenwood this trip, I found Sunny's house, and I used the time in Greenwood to map routes Sunny will take from home to the pool, home to the courthouse, home to her friends' homes, home to downtown, home to her father's store and on into the land of -- literally -- the other side of the railroad tracks, where SNCC's offices are, where Jo Ellen is staying with a black family, Raymond's family, during Freedom Summer in 1964. Whew.

More soon. Let's see if this will post. Where is the "publish" button??


  1. I cannot wait for the book. I am a HUMUNGOUS FAN!!! I love ALL your books, but specifically I read Rubies book yearly. Thank you for your beautiful God, given,talent. You make me laugh, cry, and long for a better way of life. When I first bought your book "love Ruby lavender" I got it for my daughter who was 10 at the time. I read it first, I LOVED IT!!! I have been reading it every year since.
    God Bless you and never stop writing!

    Love Marcie Knight
    Fellow Zinia lover and chicken lady!

  2. Hey, Marcie. Thanks for these kind words! And thanks for reading.


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