sunday dinner

"Where's the rest of the blog entry? Where are the photos?" Click on the title of the post (in this case "sunday dinner" ) and you'll be taken to the full blog entry on the web. It's a better reading experience, easier on the eyes, and all-around more gentle, that's what I'm hoping. I've received mail from a slew of folks asking about this, so wanted to mention. It also won't clog up your feed reader if you use one.

So. Yo. And Happy Sunday Morning! Well, afternoon now. I was going to post Greenwood photos but Sunday Dinner tugged me into the afternoon and I let it. 
Here's the news: I have communed with my editor and my agent, and we're moving into the home stretch with book two of the sixties trilogy.

As a result, I'm going to have my head down, writing hard, all summer long. All. Summer. Long. It's going to be intense. I want a draft to David by Labor Day. As I made Sunday Dinner today -- something I love to do -- I thought ahead. Making Sunday Dinner might be a great way to come up for air every Sunday during this writing intensive.

I hole up when I'm writing like this. I spend 12-hour days in the chair, as I've chronicled here before, and I miss my peeps. It seems this is just the way I work. I need long, long stretches of uninterrupted time to hold a novel in my mind and heart for as long as it takes to get a draft.

But I hold my family in my mind and heart, too. So: Sunday Dinner.
I'm gonna try it: Summer Sunday Dinner. Come if you can, don't bring a thing but yourselves. Bring dogs. Bring babies. We can get you in and out in an hour or so (or come and linger, if you prefer). No guarantees on the menu but it will be good and it will include dessert. Sunday Dinner is not complete without dessert (or, apparently, this week, vitamins on the makeshift napkins).
This way we get to see one another when we can, catch up when we can, create a little history, and have plenty of Sunday ahead after dinner, for each of us, as we meander into the new week. 
Summer Sunday Dinners. Love it. Wonder if it came to me as a spin-off of the Sunday dinner scene I'm writing in book two right now. Funny how that works. 


  1. Kathleen ArmstrongJune 3, 2012 at 5:31 PM

    Hi Debbie, I think of you often and wish I could have Sunday Dinner with you. I still have that moon dog story in my mind. Maybe I'll get a start on it this summer. I am participating in a virtual writing workshop with author Kate Messner and a lot of other teachers and authors and librarians. I am really looking forward to it. I'll stay in touch. Kathleen

  2. Hey, Kathleen. Let's have Sunday dinner at a conference next year. :> I want you to write that Moon Dog story. It's a keeper. Miss you xoxoxo


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