{And that's a wrap: Again on Sullivan's Island, which marks the end of our summer and the beginning of fall each year. One word titles, accompanied by photos, mark the week. You can find beach 2009, beach 2010, beach 2011 at their respective links. As a storyteller, I'm working on ways of seeing, going back to the same place over and over and seeing it in a different way. We are different people each year, a different configuration together each year, and there are different stories, of course.}


  1. I love your photos. They take me back. I love the pelican. Reading your books in class now and thinking of you.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. I know you love Charleston, too. So glad to hear you are still reading Deborah Wiles books! xoxo

  3. I so enjoy your blog and am looking forward to the next book! Your beach photos make me look forward to my upcoming vacation to my hometown of Sarasota. I also enjoy taking pics of the birds and the sand. I see some of the food pics and wonder when you'll post the recipes...

    Terri Smith

    1. I just read love ruby lavender it was great im a big fan!


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