this and that to begin a new year: experimenting

I'm sifting through an experiment. I got my first smart-phone in late November, and I put down my Nikon D-40 for four months. I've just learned (maybe this is a new blogger thing) that I can work on my laptop and access my phone photos here... very good! Google has done some silly stuff with animated gifs and an end-of-year doo-dad that's sweet, silly, and confusing, as I don't know a couple of the people in this little movie, but that's fine, I did take the photos. Take a look

I like the togetherness and community I see here, and I'm grateful for these folks in my life. I've started using Instagram as a photo journal, which has left me less present on the blog, but I'm going to catch up now, with the next several posts, and pick up my camera, and see what it brings me. I'm about to travel quite a bit for REVOLUTION, as we now have galleys and we are moving into the book's debut season. I want to capture that season here.

This blog is seven years old, and I'm not ready to quit telling stories. But I am thinking about the different ways I have of capturing the days and telling stories now. I'm experimenting. I'll be talking about that here, too. Meantime, you can find me on Twitter for mostly professional conversation about teaching, writing, and stories; at Facebook for book news; on Instagram for daily photos; and on Pinterest mostly as a way to catalogue book resources, including work in progress.

I'll update the website at some point as well. For now, there is a new REVOLUTION page that I want to add content to.

We're also planning a family wedding here, and a local book launch, and a whole host of other stuff that's keeping us hopping. It's a happy time. Life is good. I have just turned sixty. Who knew that was even possible? Time to breathe deep and exhale. Time to reflect, and time to catch up a bit.


  1. I certainly enjoy reading your blog posts, Deborah. When I read Countdown it was like reliving my childhood; like you were in my skin. The word is out that Revolution is as wonderful. I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for your books.

  2. Thank you, Xena's Mom! You are so welcome! I'm just about to post some inside pages of REVOLUTION -- some of the scrapbooks in rough draft form. I'm so glad you'll read it -- I hope you ove it as much as COUNTDOWN -- thanks for your kind words. xo

    1. I'll keep checking back to view those inside pages. Thanks Debbie. (I am Loveofxena on Twitter and blog at Librarian's Quest. :)


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