Picture Book Intensive wrap-up

Well, that went quickly. The Picture Book Intensive was so fast, so furious, so intense, and so well-attended that I never made it back over here to give you a wrap-up. WHO KNEW that almost 250 people would hang out with us for those three days in May, proffering opinions and slinging picture book texts and art all over the walls? It. Was. Great. Thank you all so much!

Because of the sheer volume of meaty postings and insights and conversation, it felt impossible to sum it up here adequately and give you any sense of the depth and breadth of what we learned. So I'm going to put the link to the Intensive here, and hope that you find it useful and helpful in your picture book deliberations going forward.

I hope we do it again. I feel sure we will. One of our takeaways was how much picture books have changed in the past five -- especially ten -- years. You'll see that conversation taking place, as well as our writing of our own picture books... I finished a revision that has been plaguing me for years, on a picture book I've sold but couldn't find a way into revise. Whew. That felt so good. Got it sent back to my editor and now am waiting for next steps.

I also see my way in to some of the stories I've been wanting to write. I have 48 days before my next travel. Let's see how many of those stories I can work on, along with book three of the sixties project. That's up next -- and that's in my next post. Thank you all for hanging out with us in May.

Here's the Picture Book Intensive Work-Along. There's a lot in here to unpack. Some folks are still posting, and I may do that as well... there is still so much to share and learn.

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