out there

Mostly photos today. I'm entering the "out there" time with work, and consequently less writing time, so I'm up early to get in some hours with stories. And we're still taking field trips to find some water to float in, some tomatoes to stuff sandwiches with, and some time away from hours on the page, time to turn off all noises and disconnect.

I visited Scholastic Book Fairs' Southeast Regional Office last week for lunch and stories, and we had a blast reconnecting at the beginning of this school year. Long love affair there. Jim and I got away over the weekend to Rabun County, Georgia, to the north Georgia mountains, to float in Lake Burton. And I'm doing some work with the Initiative for Affordable Housing in Atlanta, and their re:loom program... more on this as time goes on.

I know how lucky I am to have a home, to have good work to do, to be able to take a day off to float, to buy peaches and pickling cukes, to think about thinking, to write stories to share with others, to watch the sun come up while I work, to visit people who partner with me, to have family living near, to know I am loved, and to have lots of love to give. It doesn't get any better than this.

And we got a little rain. Happy August, friends. Every little thing counts. Every little thing.

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