Balance Beam

So. Last night, I had had enough! I pushed hard with the novel all week, and last night I let go, I Just Quit. Enough already. I ordered takeout Thai food, vegged in front of an old movie (A Man For All Seasons), and slept the sleep of the dead.

I have not worked yet today and it's almost noon. I drank coffee on the porch this morning and visited with my neighbors (including my staff), I played with the puppy, who is currently named Elvis Andy Bebop (don't ask -- his sister (not with us) is named Charlie Liza Pickle Olive, so there), and I read the news (shouldn't have).

I am about to read over the chapters I worked on all week. I'll fiddle with them as I go, and I'll likely have more to scribble in my notebook. If I feel led to work ahead, I will. If not, I'll put this laptop down and go outside and work in my yard, start putting the gardens to bed, mow grass, rake leaves, pick up sticks, start a wee fire in the chiminea, feed it the pinecones I pick up. I'll do that anyway, at some point today.

I know I'll be processing the entire time, working away at this novel.

When I come inside, I'll write for at least 15 uninterrupted minutes. I might get 15 more (everyone is home today), and 15 more. If I'm seized by something and if the household tides are too strong, I'll take myself to Mighty Joe Espresso up the road and work for a while there.

I'll come home and make gingersnaps for my friend and neighbor Belinda who gave me four tickets to see the Braves play recently -- I haven't thanked her properly yet. And I'll write some more, if I can.

In and out. I'll dip in and out today, but I won't feel pressured. It's Saturday, I have worked well all week, and now my yard and home -- and family -- need tending. So does my story, of course, as I am on deadline.

It's time for balance. Balance. I'm on a balance beam today, feeling pretty centered, stepping forward and back, turning and stepping again, and I'm fairly grounded, all things considered, with 26 days to go.

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