The Race To The Finish

Well, here we are at October 4th. One month until the general election, one month before my novel is due to my editor (actually, the deadline is November 1, but I think November 4 is more poetic, and besides, I'm going to need every single moment between now and then to write).

I'm going to write about process here for the next thirty days. The agony and the ecstasy (please may there be some ecstasy). The knots and the unraveling of same, the smooth sailing and the choppy seas... stop it, Deb. Okay.

During this next thirty days I plan to stay drug and alcohol free, remain a vegetarian, lose 25 pounds, and get out of debt. I would also like to answer all fan mail, be caught up on email, get the oil leak in my car finally fixed, do something about this HAIR, set up my kitchen for winter, make reservations at a Boston hotel for a friend's wedding in November, schedule the termite guy to come out for an inspection, and figure out what to do about my taxes.

I might not get all these things done. If *all* I do is finish this novel, it will be enough. How to do it? My plan: kick out the grown kids, relinquish the dog, say no to all invitations and requests, don't answer the phone, don't bathe, don't sleep, don't eat, just write.

This should work. I will report on my progress. Wish me luck.

Oh-oh-oh! I almost forgot the Big Book News! It has to do with this post from February, and a hint that I dropped in this post from June, down near the bottom of the entry. First person to guess what it is (no fair if I told you already -- ROBIN!) wins a copy of the Deborah Wiles book of her/his choice. Of course I won't be able to mail it until after my deadline has passed.


  1. I may be reading the clues wrongly, but combining the post about Bobby Kennedy with the fact that you mentioned you had worked on a picture book, I would guess you'd sold a picture book about Bobby Kennedy?
    But I also got confused because I thought the post about Bobby Kennedy was about research for the 60's novels, sooooooooo I could be off the mark. :)

  2. Wow, there have been sixteen comments already, although just one in the comments section (the rest to gmail), and Kristy, you are first -- and you are RIGHT! Details to come, but for now, shoot me an email and let me know which DW book and an address to send to -- thanks. You are right ON the mark, girl.


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