Farmer's Market Morning

I wore what I pulled on first this morning, shoved a straw hat on top of my unruly hair, and headed out at 8am, for the Morningside Organic Market. I tell Jim all the time, "I look like an old lady now, with her long skirt and mismatched clothes and floppy straw hat, in the garden." But my friend Vimila didn't think so. She took one look at me this morning when we ran into each other at the DeKalb Farmer's Market (I scooted in to buy some fresh coffee and peanut butter) and said, "Cute!" ha! I'm cute. Who knew.

So already this morning I've been to the market, and to the little plant place I like. I'm making a cucumber and tomato salad for lunch with some steamed fresh cauliflower, and cold grapes. Oh, some carrot-raisin muffins from the DeKalb Farmer's Market, along with that freshly ground peanut butter.

No revising today, but I will work Sunday. Today is for domestic chores and friends for supper (lentil/rice loaf, salad, and that crusty bread you see in the top photo -- it's a garlic loaf made by the good folks at Magnolia Bread Company).

For such a long time I haven't had the psychic space to enjoy these simple domestic chores, to welcome friends -- and a Saturday morning -- without the underlying, slow-cooking anxiety about the next travel, whether it's in a week, a month, or (sometimes) two.

Balance, balance. I'm finding it. I bought a mango. And some petunias and potato vine for my flower boxes -- they haven't been planted in years. I'm set. Happy weekend, all, from the cute one, in her garden.