Merciful Heavens, It's YouTube

Oh, y'all. It's a running joke around here, that "once you're on YouTube, it's all over" -- meaning, you've really lost control of your informational life. So imagine my horror at finding myself there yesterday. I'd forgotten about this interview, and had no idea it was up on the website at the Frederick News-Post, but there I am, in all my road-warrior glory -- heavier than I've ever been, bone-tired, and beat. Gaaaaaack! I hardly recognize the woman who began this journey eight years ago. (And you thought the road was glamorous!)

I sent the link to Jim, with these words: "How do I get it OFF there?" He wrote back: "hey, it's good... you can copy and borrow it maybe for your site... but it should stay there."

I took his advice. What do you think?

Thanks to the folks at the Frederick News-Post for the link (well done!), and thanks again, Spring Ridge, for bringing me back to my old hometown. I had a blast. That's the road conundrum. In the moment, it's so wonderful.... the kids, the teachers, the teaching, the learning, the root beer floats.... so it's a question of balance. I'm still looking for it.