checking in, remaining calm

Just popping in on Sunday morning to say that Rome isn't working. It just won't work. I have given up trying to make it work. I've switched to three other biographies for this novel: John Glenn, Peg Bracken, and Pete Seeger (bless you, readers who mentioned Pete).

I realize that's three times more biographies than I need for the allowed space. No matter. I need to write them. We don't have to use them all. But I can't decide which one right now, and my experience with the 1960 Olympics in Rome shows me that I can't afford to put my eggs in one basket right now.

I'm trying to remain calm, but I am losing perspective. This novel is one great big mass in front of my eyes right now. I'm off to the library for books I've put on hold about the above-referenced folks. I'll come home and make one or three of these biographies work. They're sketched out, but I need primary sources now.

I also need my editor's eye and sensibilities.

My deadline is Tuesday morning when said editor walks into his office. I need to do a thorough read-through yet (which always involves many hours of brushing up and tweaking and making sure connections are working seamlessly). I was hoping to reserve Monday for just that. Then I need to write a letter to accompany the ms. and burn the CD of songs from the early sixties. If you're interested in the playlist, let me know, and I will post it here next week.

Just checking in because it helps.