cross-eyed in the sixties

Enough of these vegetables! Send chocolate. Dark chocolate.

Have finished three of four opinionated biographies. Have spent so much time with the Kennedys in the past 24 hours, I feel as if I *am* a Kennedy. Listened to Richard Burton and Julie Andrews sing "Camelot" a hundred times, as I revised "The Kennedys in Camelot and the New Frontier." (Revised title, too.)
Fannie Lou Hamer is now "The Light that Shined from Ruleville." I love her. Truman is still "The Farmer from Independence." I've got to wrestle down Rome -- "Athletes in the Eternal City." Hope to finish that one tonight.

I've reworked two scrapbook entries and have deleted another. Have shifted interstitial moments here and there. It's coming together. It is. I've discovered that if I put the screen on 25%, I can see 12 pages together on the same screen. This helps.

Over the weekend, I'll finish all the extra material and do a read-through. Maybe the read-through will be on Monday. Probably.

Tuesday. That's my THUNK goal. THUNK. Into the mailbox. Complete with a playlist on CD of all the tunes in the book, so editor David can have it all -- photos, biographies, music, news clippings, recipes, social commentary, and one rip-roaring story about a girl and her family in 1962 during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis in Washington, D.C.

Did I say send chocolate? :>