into the weekend appreciating....

1. One young man talking tuba with another young man while yet another young man listens nearby. You are looking at three tuba players (past, present, future) in one room.
2. This wedding processional. ha! What joy!

3. This bread. It will be rising in my kitchen this afternoon.

4. This garden -- his first in Atlanta.
5. These two D.J.s -- my favorites... and their set up.
6. This recipe from 101 Cookbooks for roasted cauliflower popcorn. We enjoyed it last night with season two of Mad Men. Gotta get ready for season three on August 16. I also appreciate the young woman who watches Mad Men with me. We love Betty's dresses. We can't stand Pete. Or can we? We.... it's fun to hash it over with another fan.
7. This insightful, honest post about how hard self-sufficient, sustainable living is to accomplish.

8. This new ice cream maker. Brace yourselves for the ice cream posts.

9. This new-to-me blog, 100 Days in Glacier National Park -- what photos.

10. The book list I'm putting together for the beach. I'll share summer reading if you will...

Happy Weekend. What are you appreciating right now?


  1. I can't wait to hear how the bread turned out for you! Thanks for the link, I look forward to perusing your blog more!

  2. I loved the wedding processional video. It looked like such a fun and totally happy wedding. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks, Kathie, for the recipe and the note -- maybe I'll append a photo. It's rising now...

  4. Leslie, I nabbed that link from Kathie Appelt, who posted it on facebook. Isn't it grand?

  5. It came out beautifully, Kathie! I used a cup of whole wheat, and baked it in bread pans instead of the braid. You're right, too, that toasting it brings out the cardomom. Delicious!


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