loving right now...

1. The new, summer blog header. Check it out! I made that limeade.

2. The possibility of renting a beach house on Folly Beach (aren't those photos luscious?) in Charleston for a week this summer. Should I? I've found two I love. We haven't gotten away for a week, as a family, just to get away, in 8 years -- maybe it's time.

3. These two books, published before I was born and full of excellent old advice. And terrible old assumptions!
4. This apron, handmade for me by daughter Hannah, and worn with pride by me. I'm an apron junkie, but have never had one made for me. Thanks again, Dearie.
5. The savory idea of friends arriving on Monday from Frederick -- we are already planning the dinner menu.

6. The delicious anticipation of a family visit next weekend.

7. This book, which I am carefully (and noisily) making my way through. I love Pete's writing voice as much as his instruction. This is a classic.
8. The two miles a day that Jim and I have been briskly walking at the nearby park. It rearranges... everything.

9. The summer crops coming in at the farmer's market. Bought my first sunsweets this week.

10. This thrift store find. Two bucks. Now it needs cushions. Where is Hannah? :>
11. Having readers. Thanks for hanging out here with me. What are you loving right now?

Have a great weekend!