coming back to life

Finally feeling well-enough to venture into the kitchen. I found some broccoli, some cheese, eggs, dry milk. I plugged in the food processor and chopped, shredded, blended. Soon I shoved a quiche into the oven, rummaged a bit more, and found the fresh beets I'd also bought on the way home Tuesday last. Washed them and put them in a pot to boil.
Then I lighted three lovely candles, right in the kitchen. The smell of real food brought my husband into the kitchen smiling. I smiled back. "I feel better. You?" Yes. (I actually felt like that candle on the right in the picture below; a little tilty, but steady enough.)
When we left the table, we'd eaten our first real meal in a week. It made all the difference, inside and out. Today I'll leave the house for the first time in a week. I'm ready. My voice is still shot, but it's better every day.
Sometimes it good to just be still, in the middle of the quiet. Tomorrow is time enough to begin again. Be well, everyone. Be well.

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  1. Nice, I'm glad you had a decent meal.:)
    I loved your book countdown so much!
    Keep on writing!!! :)


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