some countdown news

I just wanted to put it here so I can always remember. Countdown has been nominated for some state book awards and so finds itself in very good company in Tennessee, Illinois and Texas. Such sweet news. I'm honored. Thank you, lovely librarians!

I went thrifting today during my writing break and bought a pair of very nice headphones for four dollars. When I got home, I plugged them into my laptop to see if they worked. I surfed to YouTube, and -- on a lark -- typed in "Deborah Wiles." I expected to find my Kirkus interview with Vicky Smith, or the informational trailer Scholastic so expertly put together (and that doesn't look like me At All), but what I found first was a book talk trailer created by Sandy Noles, who is the librarian at Calhoun Middle School in Denton, Texas.

It's very cool! Very nice job, Miss Sandy! I notice how you included all your sources as well, and I appreciate that (speaking as someone who had to learn to include a source for every dang snippet of Countdown information). I *loved* the music. Thanks so much for sharing Countdown with your students. Here's the video, y'all:

The headphones work just fine. I also bought a Sony Discman for three bucks. And a whole set of king-sized cotton sheets (white with blue flowers) for five bucks. I also might have figured out a story knot I've been wrestling with. All courtesy of an hour at Value Village. This is the thrifting life of the stay-at-home writer. 

I found some videos of myself on YouTube that I do not like so much -- who knew they even existed? I didn't -- but I also found some great Countdown school projects. I think I will ask permission to link to them on my Countdown page on my website.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program day. Love. I'm not feeling too failure-like in February so far, so that's good.  xoxo


  1. So glad to find your blog and look forward to keeping up with you through it! Even more glad that you can take a year to write full time. Your blog makes me hungry - for good food and for more time to read. Can't wait for Book 2, loved "Countdown" so much, I recommend it to anyone that gives me a chance (along with your other books of course). I would have you back at my school (McCulloch Intermediate in Dallas) every year if I could.

  2. Hey, Leesa! It's great to hear from you. I'm so glad you loved (and recommend!) Countdown. Thanks for the kind words. Please say hey from me to everyone at McCulloch -- we had fun, didn't we? I still remember that day of writing workshops with all those kids at all those tables... and we did great good work together.


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