4 Days, 3 Days -- Tellin' It Like It Is

Oh, y'all. Should I paint you a rosy picture, or should I just be honest?

I'll tell the truth.

Yesterday was a hard writing day. Family stuff dominated, but it's too much (and too burdening) to go into. Think of what has felt impossible for you, family-wise, with your own writing. Turf wars? Disagreements? Vomit? Sleepless Toddler Nights? Rearrangements of the Known Universe? That's the ticket.

Can't discuss it, and neither can you. What you *can* do is reiterate your commitment to your story and your deadline... yes? YES! Come on... come on with me. Come on and say YES, say yes to your story's right to exist (who told you it didn't?) and your duty to get back to it.

So a quick post today to let you know I'm still here. After a day of mostly staring at my story, gathering myself together, I am back at work. I'm writing. I am.

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