8 Days, 7 Days, 6 -- Ohmy!

Wait, wait. Six days is tomorrow. But I've sorta skipped right over 8 and 7.

I've been writing. I started at the beginning -- I feel confident enough in what I have to start over and trust the story to give me the answers to hard questions. I can't figure out a knot near the end -- just can't get past it. So I drove into the north Georgia mountains today, checked into a B&B, took a long, hot bath in a claw foot tub (HERE'S my tub!), and am about to crawl into bed with my story and a banana.

I don't know why the banana.

It's sort of like my story: I don't know "why" -- or better yet, WHAT, with this letter. I just don't know. But it IS. It's there. It needs to connect. It needs to have resonance, and it needs to lead me to the end. Somehow. I've been stuck here forever. I've tried numerous paths out of the weeds, but I just keep getting stuck.

I made a list of all the secrets this letter could contain. None of them worked. Then I ditched the letter. The whole story began to shake. I need that letter. So... what? What? Waaaaaaah!

WHAT, already!

So. I'll fiddle until sleep comes, and then I'll work with middle schoolers tomorrow. Stephens County Middle School in Toccoa, Georgia. I'm so looking forward to hanging with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

What a place this is -- mountains and waterfalls everywhere.

Maybe the mists and the mountains will work some magic.

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