This and That

Feeling red, white, and blue as we head into inauguration weekend.

Here's how you can, too, at Obamicon.Me, courtesy of the fun folks at Atlanta-based Paste Magazine.

I look kinda like Zorro in this picture.


Happy Weekend. I'm going to spend mine with my face planted in the Sixties. I hope to send off this novel next week!

PeeEss: Facebook Fanpage Update:
40 members! 40! The teeming masses just keep flooding in!

I must not have told y'all about the initiation. :>

But don't worry: there will be cocoa and marshmallows after. Real cocoa. Homemade by me, with dark chocolate and whole milk and whipped cream. And stories in the candle-lighted dark, around my crackling fire.

Do I know how to run a club, or what? Time for me to step back and let new president Annie Gage plan the agenda for our first meeting (will we send out glossy autographed photos?), and Jan Olafson, Activities Director, plan the crafts (I have glitter and glue sticks), and Sandi Thomas, Chief Decorator, drape the living room tastefully with blankets (I have plenty of blankets AND encyclopedias to keep the blankets from sliding off the furniture).

Thanks for volunteering, friends! See y'all tonight!


  1. As first president (term limited undetermined)of the Deborah Wiles fan club, I call this meeting to order.


    1) Pass around delicious refreshments
    2) Compose fan club song
    3) sing son
    3) To be continued...14 year old son needs help

  2. Ha! The term IS determined. You cannot leave. :> I can't wait for the fan club song. Could it have the word "spectacular" in it somewhere, referring to fans?


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