Yesterday, we celebrated Richard's new job, which is a huge milestone in this awful economy. No one has been hiring, the unemployment rate is so high, and Richard has been working part-time, but it's not enough. Yesterday we celebrated full-time employment (at two part-time jobs) and a whipping of this recession's butt. We've won a round.
This called for smitten kitchen's summer squash and potato torte (especially since we had so much squash and so many potatoes from our CSA box). I didn't have a cup's worth of parmesan, so I filled out the cup with sharp cheddar. I didn't have green onions, so I made some small white ones do. I made two pies, and sliced tomatoes into one. Thanks, Hannah, for the link.
Then I set a chicken to bake with sliced sweet potatoes (skins on) and onions in the pot, along with a mix of curry powder, garlic, and the juice of one big orange. This is a crock pot recipe I adapted from here (thanks, DCR, for the link).

Bought a dozen ears of corn. Richard had never shucked corn so Hannah, a corn shucker from way back, taught Richard how. I watched them, chatting companionably while sitting on the front porch with a paper sack between them for the shucks and silks, as I set the water to boiling in the big pot.
The cake request was for "deep, rich chocolate with cream cheese frosting." I obliged. A spinach salad rounded out the meal (that's my bowl -- always a bowl -- with my squash-potato torte on top of my salad).
Our little party queued up to help plates. Richard was given the honorary first place in line. "Give us your best 'oh, yeah' look," I said. Is this a man feeling good about life or what? Is this a man who worked it, wrung it out, scoured the Craig's List ads, walked up and down Lawrenceville Highway with his resume in his hand and a lot of gumption, who stared into this recession's face and said I don't think so? I think so.
Later, after listening to the tale of his first day at the new job, after the meal was consumed and the freshly made peach ice cream came out of the freezer to accompany the cake, the candle was lit and Richard put his hands around the flame to keep the fan in Irene from snuffing out his light. Richard, I have a feeling nothing is going to snuff out your light. You go, man. Good for you. Congratulations.

Here's a prompt for your notebook: write about your last celebration. Big, small, it doesn't matter... it could be a private celebration with just you. What did you honor? Why? And... what does it mean to celebrate? Why is it important? Think on these things.

Have a great weekend. Celebrate.