possibly i overdid it...

... at the farm market yesterday. Or possibly not. What do you see here? I see peach jam, tomato relish, blackberry cobbler, sweet corn for supper, tons of tomato sandwiches, stuffed peppers, peach pie and ice cream, fried green tomatoes, peach salsa... and something with figs.
Figs! What do I do with them? I walked past them three times yesterday, and in the end I couldn't resist them. My grandmother and I used to pick figs from a tree across the road when I was young, so these figs were a nostalgic call-back to that era... to that Ruby Lavender era in Halleluia, Mississippi. And... now what?
I'm going to say I didn't overdo it, that this is just my method, because I also, yesterday, pulled out Hang The Moon, the second novel in the Sixties Trilogy. Here it is, all angles and bones, a mish-mash of secrets, dead ends and characters who broke my heart and made me laugh with delight -- here is a new world to create for readers, as I learn to reign in all this material, to fashion it, stir it, and knead it, like bread, and let it rise to a glorious shape, bake to a deep, golden brown.
It's okay to overdo it at first. I always do. I love going back to a draft (or a pile of tomatoes). I stand there with my hands on my hips and stare at it. Then I make some tsking sounds and begin to sift through it, knowing that I'm just about to get to the good part.

Now. About those figs.... ?