Kay made me this pie. 

While I worked at The Langley School and Cindy worked at Needles'n'Pins, Kay made supper. Chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, and stewed tomatoes. 

The three of us sat in Kay's comfortable kitchen, in my old hometown of Frederick, Maryland, and shot the... stuff. We ate and licked our fingers and reminded one another of who we are -- "remember when..." and "I thought I wouldn't live through..." and "Can you believe we actually..." and "how did you ever..."

We didn't forget the present. We regaled one another: my stories of life in Atlanta and life on the road. Their stories of life in Frederick, and the stories of those we know and love. Sometimes it made me wistfully sad not to live here anymore. I miss these friends, and this place, so much. But on the whole, it was a celebration -- the room rang with laughter most of the night. I haven't laughed so hard in years. You know the kind of laughter that gives you a stitch in your side?
We capped the night with homemade chocolate pie and coffee. None of us worried for a second about calories, carbs, or karma.

Thank you, girlfriends. It's good to remember who we were. It's good to celebrate who we are. It's always so good to catch up, and move forward.

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