what the...

I'm in Scottsboro, Alabama. I drove up today from Birmingham. As I wound into the north Alabama mountains and rounded the soft corners of a low mountain range, late-afternoon sunlight dappled the windshield. I spotted a gorgeous body of water spreading out on my left, serene and full of greenery -- even lilypads --  and thought, Yes. A little bit of beauty everyday, that's all we need....
Then I topped a rise and saw this.
You can read more about it here. And here you can read the latest (the TVA plans to revive construction/completion as of August 2010) here. You can even read about the current controversy, here.

Wowee. That's enough to shut me up for the day. More on why I'm here and what I'm doing, after some sleep.

Photo credit: Matt Fields-Johnson for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

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