breakfast of festival authors

It's a lovely, long weekend of authors and stories, at the Decatur Book Festival, right here in my backyard. So off I go -- come see me at 1pm on the Children's Stage, where I'll be discussing Countdown! My partner is Shelia Moses, who'll be talking about her book, I Dred Scott.

Last night, the festival opened with a reading and Q&A with Jonathan Franzen. He was thoughtful, gracious, and smart. Presser Hall at Agnes Scott College was packed. Today, the Square in Decatur is already buzzing with festival goers and authors and more... I'd better finish fortifying myself and begone!

Come see me!


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  2. Well, I figure my comment can't be any worse than old acne treatment up there. So here goes.

    Deborah, I love your blog, I recommend it highly to my writer friends. I've had a couple of blogs, and today I was posting about writing and it seemed to me you might enjoy this one. I know you don't have time to breathe, let alone read extraneous blog posts, and that what you've got going on with the new book is intense. But consider this a gift. To open or not. As a matter of fact, that's what the post is about.


  3. Hey, Annie. Thank you. (Acne treatment has been removed!). I love your blog (especially the "about") and think your latest post is inspired. Thanks for writing.

  4. Thank you, Deborah for the kind words. So happy you enjoyed it!


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