from my garden

Just a little note to say I am here, and I will be back. In the month since I last posted, I've worked in seven states and have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people who are working hard at telling their stories.
I've been lucky to squeeze in almost every possible moment home to be with brand-new Abby and her brand-new parents, with dollops of time to start a spring-cleaning and organizing frenzy -- a throw-out party and list-making like you wouldn't believe. Something's brewing...

We even managed to sneak in the year's first dinner party in Irene!

There was moving, too... Hannah and Richard moved in next door temporarily -- a situation that gives them a larger place and keeps the house tended and occupied while the owner waits for real estate prices to recover. We hope.

No official writing was done in this month. And that's okay. Because there is a new plan afoot....

My birthday was Saturday (May 7). You'll remember last birthday, I painted a wall orange. It's still orange. But that's going to change, here at age 58. Lots is changing....

I returned from the D.C. area on Saturday and went to dinner with two good friends and one good husband.

And on Mother's Day, in addition to a lovely supper at The Shed with my favorite people, I spent time in my garden for the first time in a year. A year. A whole year! No wonder things need to change.

I have something to say about this change. It has been coming together, since a night in November last year, when I took stock and made some big decisions. It is coming together still.

I hinted at the changes here. And there is more to tell, soon. For now, I'll leave you with Jack Kornfield's three deathbed questions:

Did I love well?
Did I live fully?
Did I learn to let go?

I am trying to live the questions.

xoxoxo Debbie


  1. Who could write with a schedule like that?! But thank you for continuing to share your author's life with those of us who aspire to it, although that schedule makes me wonder if maybe I ought to keep on happily revising forever--and forget the pursuit of publishing!

  2. I know, I know. :> I'm *not* writing, but I'm gathering, big time, and that's something. Keep going, don't stop! xo


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