you knew I'd have to come

I still miss her.
The house has not sold. Last time I was inside, it was after a funeral.

Sometimes I want to buy the place. Mostly I want to remember.

Miss you, Daaahlin'.


  1. I know...I am going to go visit it (and find the statue of her) next month for ALA. New Orleans for my birthday!!!

  2. a few of us were just talking about her the other day and our AMAZING night that we spend eating and laughing and well.... drinking :)with here when she came to our school. Even though I met her only once that meeting will live with me forever, she was such an AMAZING woman, just wish I could have gotten to know her better (and visit her in New Orleans!)

  3. She was special. That's for sure. Judith Lafitte and I will visit the bench together next trip, Walter. Have a great birthday.

    Kath, I'll always remember Coleen sitting on my front porch, waiting for her ride to your school. She was beautiful. I took her picture. It's my favorite.


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