twelve pretty pictures...

...all of New Orleans last week, posted here chronologically.They tell a story only I know, although you could write a fictional story using these photos, in this order. Or, mix up the order. Or, choose only ONE photo and write a story. Choose three. Which three would you choose? What stories could you tell?

Always, when I step into New Orleans, I want to live there. Give me twenty-four hours, though, and I'm ready to go home, possibly this time because home has been waiting for me for months. And, finally, here I am.
This makes thirteen pretty pictures. I like this one best. See those windows? My dining room has lived behind them for a year. Tomorrow I start moving my office back to its rightful place. I move further down the road to changing up my routines. And I begin again on book two of the sixties trilogy. After I sit on this porch a while longer...

Welcome home to me!


  1. Going back to earlier posts about handwork, I'd like to request you write a post about how to make clover/daisy necklaces. I am resting and writing at our vacation home in North Carolina and my yard is FULL of clover. (Clover necklaces = good memories!)

  2. Danette! I shall! Where in North Carolina? xoxoxo

  3. Brevard. You and Jim would love this place. Yo-Yo Ma performs here in August!

  4. we'll visit! A clover chain tutorial in person. how long are you there?

  5. Alas, we are only here for the week. But we should make plans to meet up another time, clover or no clover. (There's always something in bloom!)


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