almost ready to go

I've been busy this morning. All the important things, dontcha know. Breakfast. Baaaaath. Tidying up and packing. And a little reading, too, of course.
 Remember when the bathtub first arrived? It was some of the best money I ever spent. I can sink down deep into that tub and let all cares float away, be immersed in another world for just a little while... or a long while. Soaking meditation. hee.

(In looking for a post about my bathtub, I turned up so many posts wherein I mention soaking in the tub. hmmmm.... !)

The dresser and bed photos are a mystery for you. Where are they taken? In my house, but where? Long-time readers here can probably guess. More next week.

Quick trip to Alexandria, Louisiana -- I'm almost ready to go to the airport. Hello, Rapides Parish Library system! I can't wait to meet my new librarian friends later this afternoon, have some supper tonight, and do good work together tomorrow. I've got my li'l silver camera with me. Let's see if I can remember to take pictures.

You know, I hadn't stepped on a plane in over 20 years, when I began this traveling gig ten years ago (this, from an Air Force kid who had grown up all over the world... I think I wanted to Stay Put and raise a family... which I did). Now I can't count the number of planes I've been on in the past ten years. It's all good.

Hello, world! It's fall. Here I come!

xoxoxo Debbie


  1. Excellent reading choice authored by another excellent writer/teacher.

  2. Yep! I am *loving* it. Brought it with me. xo

  3. Love your quilts and your tub and the green dresser with all the photos on top. It's a quick visit. And a good one.


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