my hero

If you only knew. We are a writer and a musician respectively. We are deck-staining virgins. We've been at this project since July. Pressure wash it, strip it, wash it again, bang in errant nails, tighten renegade screws, sand in certain places, wash again. Read directions a hundred times. Now it's too hot, it's raining, it's hot again, let's keep it swept and agonize over stain (which color?) vs seal (which shade?) vs paint (really?). Water or oil based? Let's sleep on it. Repeat.

I gave in once again and took a nap. He sealed the deck. I woke up and snapped his picture. "A rare sighting!" he said. Then he made himself a gigantic pimento cheese sandwich. We never know what we're capable of, do we? We just keep plugging away... even if it takes us months -- or years -- to figure it out.

Thank you, Jim.
How is *your* weekend taking shape?


  1. I love this story!! Gives me hope for those splotches of greens and purples on my gray kitchen walls that have been there so long now, I tell people "it's art."

    And everyone needs a "Jim" around the house. How lovely to take a nap and wake up to 'problem solved.'

  2. Indeed, everyone needs a Jim around the house. He's pretty good for filling the place with music, too.Here's to the art on your kitchen walls! xoxoxoxo


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