The lights were low, the cake was chocolate, the musicians were in top form, the singers were like angels, and the love was all around.

I think this is what happens when friends become family. I think these are the gifts of time spent together, years blending each into the next, good times and bad times shared. Gifts of music and birthdays and time to savor one another's company.

 Happy Birthday, old man. We love you.


  1. Wonderful photos of friends I've known since the '80's and they've known each other longer than that. Pretty cool of you to capture so much, Debbie who majored in tiara wearing.

  2. Tell me more about the chocolate cake ...

  3. Mikey, you must come play with us some time, please. Cyndi, will that photo do for a still for Zen Tea? That was the best in the batch.

    Jef: ALL CHOCOLATE. (I need a book from you; Janisse Ray's Cracker Childhood book. If you've got it, I'm comin' to get it.)


  4. You all made the best dang 62nd birthday party I ever had or ever will have!
    I Love you guys!!!


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