and so it goes

Bad weather and travel snafus stuck me in the Providence, Rhode Island airport for hours today. I left this:
 And came to this:
This is fall travel... a combination of school visits, conferences, teaching, and retreating with the group I've been writing with for fifteen years. Yesterday, Plymouth; today, Philadelphia. And so it goes.

I'll be home Friday night. For now, thanks so much to Baldwin School in Quincy, Illinois; to The Rhode Island Festival of Children's Books and Authors in Providence, to my writer buddies on annual retreat with me -- thanks for the laughter and good food, company, stories, critiques; and hellooo to Moorestown Upper Elementary School and William Allen Middle School students in Moorestown, New Jersey! I'll see you in the morning.
 Someone has obviously been reading my blog. There are brown-sugar-cinnamon frosted Pop-Tarts in this fabulous basket. ha!

Sleeeeeeeeep.  Goodnight!

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