good garden of peas: a writing prompt

{a writing prompt. If you feel so inclined, link to your own good garden creation in the comments, so we can all be inspired!}


  1. How would you use this prompt in the classroom? In your own writing? Where might it take you?

  2. Some of my most interesting memories involved bathroom conversations... just me (perched on the edge of the tub), and my mother (completely submersed in the water, save for her head, toes and tummy).

    Hope those bubbles wash away any stress, cares or worries, and that when you choose to climb out of that tub, you'll be 100% refreshed. :)


  3. Melodye, I love that you have those wonderful memories of sitting on the edge of the tub and having those bathroom conversations with your mom. Precious. Thanks for sharing. I'm feeling better now, thanks. :> xoxo Debbie


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