a little light housekeeping

Quick fyi notes:

:: It has been pointed out to me (such a passive voice!) that email is a difficult carrier for this blog when I post so many photos, as I did earlier today. I'm going to truncate the email feed from now on so I don't crash your computers when I send you a blog post that's a large file.

:: I believe this setting will also truncate the post in your google reader, although I'm not sure. I'm not even sure I'm using the word "truncate" correctly here. Let's see how it works.

:: In order to see the entire post (either in email or a reader), just click on the post title within your email or reader, and it will take you to the blog on the web, where you can read the entire post. The good news here is that you can also see what I'm up to on the blog.

:: I've started posting my current reading and research in the sidebar, so you can read along with me, or share my research finds and notes if you are also writing about the sixties (and other topics); or, if you are teaching Countdown, you can refer to the books listed on that page. See the sidebar links to guide you. 

:: I've continued to redesign, following my decision to end the blog and then not. Ahem. At any rate, how do you like the new banner? It will change from time to time, and the rethinking and redesign will go on. Me and social networking. Not a match made in heaven. But I do love the storytelling. Of course. And always.

:: Chicken and potatoes and asparagus for supper. I'm off to it!


  1. I was going to comment even before you asked to say that I like the new banner. It's very "you."

    Also, I have to say that I'm jealous of the sweet current reading list in the right column. When I migrated to Wordpress to keep my blog, I was really bummed when I found out that I couldn't keep my shelfari shelf on the side. You learn a lot of interesting things (or at least can make up a lot of interesting hypotheses) when you take a peek at the books people are reading :-)

  2. Thanks, Jess. I love that you're such a reader. I love that I've finally found space and time to read again. And I agree, you can take a lot from someone's reading list... surmise, at any rate. :> xoxo


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