ANTHEM is coming: addendum

oops! The video didn't make it into the chapter 1 entry for ANTHEM. So here it is again:

And some housekeeping, while I've got you. 

I'm migrating this blog (Field Notes, aka One Pomegranate, in its infancy) from Blogger over to my newly-designed website at WordPress, where you'll find it under "blog." (Duh.)

I've gathered all email subscriptions, finally, and I'm going to send you all an email that says, basically, thank you for sticking with me all these years -- and through my four-year hiatus from all social media -- and if you want to keep receiving the blog in your email inbox, do nothing, I'll migrate you over soon, and it will seem like nothing happened, you'll just keep receiving the blog (although you'll have to verify when I sign you up at WP that you do indeed want to keep receiving it -- this will come to your inbox from me).

I'll talk you through it -- it will be easy as pie, just a click. And if you want to STOP receiving the blog, just let me know. Either unsub, or write me at No worries. 

Thanks from me! We've had a long, long run here, since 2005 in text-only with the tour for Each Little Bird That Sings, to the Aurora County All-Stars tour blog (which I didn't know enough to keep going with, so started this one), to One Pom in 2007 (this Blogger blog) to now -- lots of memories, lots of writing, lots of books, lots of living. Yours as well as mine. We've seen some things, eh?

 xoxo Debbie

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